Pacific-Spin 2009
The 7th
Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium on
High Energy Spin Physics

Spin is one of the basic properties of elementary particles. The discoveries concerning spin often triggered physicists to open a new chapter of physics. The spin structure of the nucleon, namely how the nucleon spin is distributed on its quarks and gluons, is one of the interesting challenges of QCD. Today QCD allows to extract an ever more detailed picture of the internal structure of hadrons, including two and three dimensional position and/or momentum distributions and quark-gluon correlations. Spin degrees of freedom and angular distributions allow to separate such effects and thus are vital for these successes.

The various aspects of the QCD process form the main topic of the symposium. The aim of the symposium is to enhance communications among physicists from Circum-Pan-Pacific region and from other regions. Supporting presentations of young physicists is another feature of this symposium. The symposium basically consists of all plenary sessions. The idea is that all participants share the same discussions and deepen the common understanding of current problems and the future prospects for high energy spin physics.

Date: September 15 - 18, 2009
Site: Yu-gaku Kan, Yamagata

We are much ogliged to Inoue zaidan and Yamagata convention bureau for supporting this symposium.