Pacific-Spin 2009
The 7th
Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium on
High Energy Spin Physics

Symposium Banquet

We will have a symposium banquet at one of the traditional Japanese restaurant at 16th Sept.. Durtig the banquet, we will enjoy the Japanese foods and also "Yamagata Maiko" dance.
Location: Shisanro

Before the banquet, we will take you to some wonderful places.


Seifu-Sou is located at Momiji Park in Yamagata city.
You will have a good time to eat Matcha (Japanese tea) and Wagashi(Japanese confectionery) and walk around a pond at the park.
Link: Seifu-Sou (Japanese)

YamaDera (Rissyaku-ji) Kompon-chudo

Yamadera is one of the famous places in Yamagata Prefecture. Kompon-chudo is in near a entrance.
Link: Yamadera

Dewazakura Sake Brewery

This brewery won the gold prize for IWSC's 2008 sake competition. You can test sake and appreciate art at the museum which this brewery owns.
Link: Deawazakura sake Brewery