Pacific-Spin 2009
The 7th
Circum-Pan-Pacific Symposium on
High Energy Spin Physics

Access to Yamagata

There are two airports around Yamagara; Yamagata Airport and Sendai Airport . From Sendai airport, you can use a train. From Yamagata airport, you can use a taxi.

However, we DO NOT recommend each ways. The number of flights are quite limited. To Sendai Airport, there is international fligths available only from Seoul, Beijing, or some other cities in China. Domestic flight from Narita is available, but twice per day. To Yamagata Airport, there is only domestic flight but not from Narita. If you arrive Narita, you must go Haneda airport.

You better to come to Yamagata Station from Narita airport by Yamagata Shinkansen (bullet train).

From Narita airport to Yamagata station

It takes at least 4 hours from Narita airport to Yamagata JR station. You may need to stay one night near the airport, or Tokyo, depending on your arrival time. You can check your travel schedule using Jordan query service.

At Narita airport, you can take train, either JR or Keisei line. If you try to come directly from Narita airport to Yamagata, it may be easier to take JR from the ariport. You can purchase all tickets needed to Yamagata station at the same time. (or use JR Rail Pass)
You need change train for Yamagata Sinkansen at Tokyo or Ueno station when you take JR or Keisei line.

JR Rail Pass

JR provides a special rail pass for foreign visitor, JR Rail Pass. 7-day pass for ordinally wagon costs 28400 yen for one adult. Since one way from Narita to Yamagata costs about 13200 yen, it may be wise to consider to use JR Rail Pass from the begining. JR Rail Pass is valid for both Narita Express and Yamagata Shinkansen.

JR Rail Pass can not be purchased inside Japan. Please check Travel agent in your country and get a voucher (exchange order) in advance.

You can exchenge your exchange order to PASS on arriving at Narita airport. ( How to change an order to PASS.)

Using JR ( Narita Express, N'EX )

You take a train from Airport Terminal 2 station or Narita Airport station to Tokyo station in Narita Express(N'EX).
And change for Yamagata Shinkansen (Tsubasa Express) to go to Yamagata station.
Timetable(Yamagata Shinkansen)

Using Keisei Line

You take a train from there to Keisei Ueno Station.
Timetable(Keisei Line)
and walk to Ueno station for 200m, take a train from Ueno station to Yamagata station.

You can buy all tickets for Keisei line and JR at the ariport.

Guide map and useful links

Access to Yu-Gaku kan : ( MAP)

From JR Yamagata station: Take a city bus (Shiyakusho Keiyu) from "JR Yamagata station" to "Yu-Gaku Kan Mae" (in front of Yu-Gaku Kan). It may be easier to take a taxi from the station.